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Technical description

Foundation size: 684 x 1064 cm = 72.77 m2
Wall height: 234 cm
Ridge height: 362 cm

Exterior walls

6 cm thick beams with double tongue and groove; vapor barrier sheathing; studs (10 cm) - 10 cm mineral wool insulation between them; reflective foil; 2 cm thick wood cladding

Interior walls

6 cm thick beams with double tongue and groove

Wall structure in bathroom and kitchen

drywall cladding


purlins 10 x 15 cm; 2 cm thick wood cladding; reflective foil; rafters - 15 cm glass wool insulation between them; 2 cm thick wood cladding; thin bituminous underlay; bitumen shingles


thick bituminous underlay; bearers; 40 mm thick polystyrene insulation; 20 mm thick strip floor

Exterior joynery

solid pine wood; shutters; double glazed windows

Interior joynery

solid pine wood


Everybody likes a place where the mind calms down and the body relaxes. The thoughtful lay-out of this summer house makes it suitable for both reflection and relaxation; the wooden interior provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The house has a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a small storage and a bathroom. One enters through a covered terrace.


Additional Info

  • Wall thickness: 6
  • Length: 1064
  • Width: 684
  • Wall height: 234
  • Ridge height: 362
  • Terace (m2): 11.648
  • Usable area (m2): 66.317
  • Structure: beam

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Comfortable family house with a total surface of 94, 50 m2. Inside there is a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom and closet. Entrance is assured from an L shaped terrace, which surrounds the front and the right side of the house.

Base price:26.502,03

This is a 1 storey building with several balconies, which can be used both as family house or cottage. It is characterized by pretentious finishing. On the ground floor there is arranged an American kitchen, pantry, bedroom and a bathroom, and upstairs there are three rooms, wardrobe, closet and bathroom.

Base price:47.475,51

The insulated version of the holiday house has an ideal interior lay-out as well. There is a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom on the ground-floor. In the attic there are two bedrooms, a wardrobe and a bathroom. The quality and the safety of the heat insulation are seen at the structure of the roof and at the woodwork.

Base price:22.112,71
Base price:2.650,57
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